25th International Conference on

Hamburg, Germany
4-9 June 2006

Celebrating 25 years of OMAE conferences


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Conference Chair

Dr. Walter L. Kuehnlein     walter@kuehnlein.co      www.kuehnlein.co 

OMAE 2006 Keynote Address, Monday, 5 June 2006

Hydrodynamic Damping: Theoretical, Numerical, and Experimental Facts

Professor Turgut ‘sarp’ Sarpkaya, Distinguished Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the Naval Postgraduate School
Sarpkaya PowerPoint Presentation (3 MB pdf file)
Sarpkaya Movie (39 MB mpeg file)

OMAE 2006 Plenary Session, Monday 5 June 2006

Green Paper on Maritime Affairs: A European Vision for the Oceans and Seas

Mr. Paul F. Nemitz, Head of Unit Legal Affairs, Deputy Head, Maritime Policy Task Force, European Commission, Dg Fisheries & Maritime Affairs

Offshore Wind Energy Symposium, Thursday, 8 June 2006

Wind Propulsion for Solar Ship Operation

Paper Number 92701, Peter Schenzle

Naval Architect, Retired Member of Hamburg Ship Model Basin, HSVA, Germany

Special Workshop on the Pendulous Installation Method (PIM) for Deployment of Heavy Subsea Hardware in Ultra Deepwater, Wednesday 7 June 2006

This workshop reviewed the development towards the feasibility of the PIM including aspects such as conceptual design, model testing design and realization, numerical modeling, risk analysis, full scale dummy deployment, installation simulation and the constructions aspects of a large deepwater manifold installation.

PIM Program
including guide to presentations below ( 37k pdf file)

PIM Presentations
The Need for the Pendulous Installation Method -
OMAE2006-92654 (1mb pdf file)

Pendulous Installation Method Prospective Model Testing and Numerical Analysis -
OMAE2006-92655 (2.5mb pdf file)

Numerical Analysis and Sensitivity Studies for Development of the Pendulous Method -
OMAE2006-92656 (800k pdf file)

Estimation of the Added Mass and Drag Coefficients Relevant for the Pendulous Installation Method by Several
Experimental and Numerical Methods -
OMAE2006-92657 ( 750k pdf file)

Subsea Hardware Development for Pendulous Installation in Ultra Deep Water -
OMAE2006-92658 ( 3mb pdf file)

Installation of Deepwater Manifolds by the Pendulous Method under the Light of Deep Ocean Basin Model Testing and Numerical Verification -
OMAE2006-92659 (900k pdf file)

Roncador Field Subsea Manifold: a Risk Analysis Approach to Verify the New Installation Procedure -
OMAE2006-92660 (800k pdf file)

Pendulous Installation Method - Report of the Full-Scale Offshore Test -
OMAE2006-92661 (2mb pdf file)


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Ocean, Offshore and Arctic Engineering Division

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International Petroleum Technology Institute

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German Association of Marine Technology

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