25th International Conference on

Hamburg, Germany
4-9 June 2006

Celebrating 25 years of OMAE conferences

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Travel Information

[Photo]Hamburg is culturally and commercially the center of Northern Germany. The metropolitan region consists of 3.5 million people. The municipal area with its 755 square km is seven times the size of Paris and 2 times that of London. Hamburg enjoys the largest average personal living space of all big cities in the world. In fact, 14% of the city is made up of green and recreation areas. Hamburg boasts 2302 bridges, more than the total of all bridges that Venice and Amsterdam have to offer. With more than 90 consulates, Hamburg ranks only second to New York as the city with the most consulates.


Hamburg owes its very existence to its harbor. Occupying 40 square acres, the harbor is positioned on the Elbe River - a scant 60 miles from the North Sea. The second largest port in Europe, Hamburg's non-stop maritime hustle-and-bustle provides for a fascinating sight from the harbor's landing, Landungsbruecken.


Water defines the rest of the city as well: Hamburg's twin lakes, today named the Binnenalster and Aussenalster, are a startlingly beautiful sight for a city center. These two immense but gentle lakes are surrounded by lively shopping streets, enclosed malls, luxury hotels and historic sites. Their waters are seldom empty of the small, jaunty sailboats that lend a vacation ambience to this otherwise bustling city.


2006 World Cup Soccer
Germany will be hosting the 2006 World Cup (June 9th - July 9th), which will be the largest ever, having 36 teams instead of the traditional 32. The 36 teams will represent more than one-sixth of the world's teams (over 200 are affiliated with FIFA). Hamburg will be also one of the host cities of this tournament. The first game in Hamburg will be held at June 10th, therefore you might consider to combine OMAE 2006 and the World Cup.


Unfortunately, the conference organizers are unable to source tickets to the World Cup. For information on World Cup tickets please visit the FIFA website at http://fifaworldcup.yahoo.com/. Packages and tickets to the World Cup can be purchased through Roadtrips.


Getting to Hamburg

Hamburg airport is located within the city and only 20 minutes by taxi from the city centre. Visit www.hamburg.de for more travel and destination information.

Travel Documents

If you require a "Letter of Invitation" to facilitate your travel requirements you must register for the conference and submit payment prior to receiving the letter. To register now please click the "Registration" link on the left side.

Hamburg Tourist Card

Experience Hamburg and save money with the Hamburg CARD! Not only is all public transportation free with the Hamburg Card, it also includes free admission to various museums and countless other discounts. Click HERE for more information.

Whit Monday
Monday, 5 June is an official holiday in Germany and some services may not be available or operate on a reduced schedule. The conference program will not be affected and will proceed on schedule.

What's the Weather Forecast for Hamburg?

Click HERE to find out!

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Ocean, Offshore and Arctic Engineering Division

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International Petroleum Technology Institute

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German Association of Marine Technology
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