25th International Conference on

Hamburg, Germany
4-9 June 2006

Celebrating 25 years of OMAE conferences

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Program At A Glance & Highlights

Download the Program-At-A-Glance (PDF 11KB)

OMAE 2006 Program Highlights

Plenary Sessions - Monday, 5 June

The following presentations have been added to the Plenary Session on Monday, 5 June.

"Green Paper on Maritime Affairs: A European Vision for the Oceans and Seas"

Mr. Paul F. Nemitz, Head of Unit Legal Affairs, Deputy Head, Maritime Policy Task Force, European Commission, DG FISHERIES & MARITIME AFFAIRS

"Welcome Address and Germany's Role in the Maritime Industry - Political Orientation"

Georg Wilhelm Adamowitsch, State Secretary Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology

“The Strategic Research Agenda of the European Technology Platform Waterborne”

Mr Pierre Besse, Chairman of the European Waterborne Technology Platform

“*mar-ing  -  the Network of German Universities for a joint NAOE Master Program”

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Günther Clauss, Technical University of Berlin and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Robert Bronsart, University of Rostock

Quasi-Determinism Theory of Sea Waves

Read Paolo Boccotti's Abstract on the Quasi-Determinism Theory of Sea Waves. Paolo Boccotti is the Invited Lecturer for the Safety and Reliability Symposium.

Hamburg Ship Model Basin (HSVA) Tour - Friday, 9 June

For more than nine decades, Hamburg Ship Model Basin (HSVA) has been at the forefront of hydrodynamic and ice technology research. HSVA has influenced and led developments of testing technology, methods, standardisation and numerical procedures to solve complex problems. Delegates will have an introduction to model testing, followed by a tour of the facilities of HSVA.

LNG Speciality Symposium
Offshore LNG still faces many challenges. Many of the concept, transportation, environmental, transfer and other technology challenges will be explored in work-shop style specialty symposium:

- What are the key drivers in the industry from a contracting and operator perspective?
- Which terminal concepts are likely to survive & thrive?
- Will the industry successfully adapt to transportation challenges in harsh, arctic environments as well as the demands for a huge jump in the size of modern LNG carriers?
- How will developments co-exist in environmentally sensitive offshore & coastal regions?
- When will the promise of more robust transfer technology make an impact?

Click here for the preliminary LNG Symposium program!

Douglas Faulkner Symposium on Reliability and Ultimate Strength of Marine Structures

Douglas FaulknerA special symposium will be held in recognition of Douglas Faulkner’s work on Reliability and Ultimate Strength of Marine Structures. Mr. Faulkner’s distinguished career has taken him from the British Navy to MIT and the University of Glasgow and includes major awards from SNAME, RINA, and degrees Honoris Causa from the Technical Universities of Gdansk and of Lisboa. For a complete description of the Symposium and an overview of Mr. Faulkners work please click here and then click on the “SYMP-11” link.






Keynote Address - Professor Sarpkaya

Professor Turgut SarpkayaProfessor Turgut ‘sarp’ Sarpkaya, award winning author, editor, and Distinguished Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the Naval Postgraduate School, will deliver a keynote address on “Hydrodynamic Damping: Theoretical, Numerical, and Experimental Facts”. To download Professor Sarpkaya’s abstract for this address please click here. Professor Sarpkaya has been teaching and doing research in the general area of fluid mechanics since 1954. Among his many awards are the “Offshore Mechanics and Arctic Engineering Award” in 1993 and the "Turning Goals Into Reality" Award” from NASA in 2002. For a brief bio of Professor Sarpkaya please click here.





Workshop on the Pendulous Installation Method (PIM) for Deployment of Heavy Subsea Hardware in Ultra Deepwater.

PIMThis workshop will review the development towards the feasibility of the PIM (the Pendulous Installation Method) including aspects such as conceptual design, model testing design and realization, numerical modelling, risk analysis, full scale dummy deployment, installation simulation and the construction aspects of a large deepwater manifold installation. For a list of topics and speakers in the PIM workshop click here.

Sponsored by
Ocean, Offshore and Arctic Engineering Division

Sponsored by
International Petroleum Technology Institute

Sponsored by
German Association of Marine Technology
Co-sponsored by
multiple international engineering societies and organizations
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