25th International Conference on

Hamburg, Germany
4-9 June 2006

Celebrating 25 years of OMAE conferences

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Celebrate Past OMAE conferences

Celebrate Past OMAE Conferences

Join us in Hamburg to celebrate 25 years of the OMAE conferences.


History of OMAE Conferences

1st 1982 New Orleans, U.S.A.   15th 1996 Florence, Italy
2nd 1983 Houston, U.S.A.   16th 1997 Yokohama, Japan
3rd 1984 New Orleans, U.S.A.   17th 1998 Lisbon, Portugal
4th 1985 Dallas, U.S.A.   18th 1999 St. John's, Canada
5th 1986 Tokyo, Japan   19th 2000 New Orleans, USA
6th 1987 Houston, U.S.A.   20th 2001 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
7th 1988 Houston, U.S.A.   21st 2002 Oslo, Norway
8th 1989 The Hague, Netherlands   22nd 2003 Cancun, Mexico
9th 1990 Houston, U.S.A.   23rd 2004 Vancouver, Canada
10th 1991 Stavanger, Norway   24th 2005 Halkidiki, Greece
11th 1992 Calgary, Canada   25th 2006 Hamburg, Germany
12th 1993 Glasgow, U.K.   26th 2007 San Diego, U.S.A.
13th 1994 Houston, U.S.A.   27th 2008 Estoril, Portugal
14th 1995 Copenhagen, Denmark   28th 2009 Honolulu, U.S.A.

Sponsored by
Ocean, Offshore and Arctic Engineering Division

Sponsored by
International Petroleum Technology Institute

Sponsored by
German Association of Marine Technology
Co-sponsored by
multiple international engineering societies and organizations
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